No Man's Sky Player Discovers Hilarious New Method of Space Travel

No Man’s Sky Player Discovers Hilarious New Method of Space Travel

  • In No Man’s Sky, a player finds that by perching on a couch near a gas vent, they can go to space.
  • Using the “space chair” exploit, players can defeat the game by sending themselves hurtling into other worlds.
  • Despite the problems, enthusiasts come up with creative methods to take advantage of them.

One player has found a strange bug in No Man’s Sky that lets them create a path to the last frontier using just a sofa strategically placed with a natural gas vent. Throughout the nearly eight years since its release, No Man’s Sky has seen a great deal of problems come and go, yet seasoned players always find new, bizarre bugs and ways to take advantage of them.

No Man’s Sky has undergone many changes and repairs throughout the years, while being widely acknowledged as a somewhat glitchy game—especially considering the state of the game at launch in 2016—despite this perception. However, these very content upgrades and additions frequently open the door for new bugs that players find as well. Nevertheless, No Man’s Sky enthusiasts are adept at exploiting these strangeities, sometimes even going so far as to use them to add new features to their strongholds.

In order to build a completely new and starship-free means of space travel in No Man’s Sky, one creative fan identified online as spaceandstuff_NMS recently accomplished just this. This method, which the player has shared on social media, is displayed in a number of videos. It is based on the crystal sulphide gas vents that are present in No Man’s Sky’s aquatic settings, so in order to replicate the bug, players will need to be on a planet with liquid water. When a gas vent erupts, as demonstrated in the video, sitting in a couch or chair right on top of it will launch the player straight upwards while preserving what appears to be a constant upward velocity.

The Unexpected Uses of This “Space Chair” for Players of No Man’s Sky

This will ultimately cause players to break orbit because they can move from a planetary surface to space itself with ease. Although it is entirely possible for No Man’s Sky players to land on and access their freighters in space provided they set up the launch correctly, this enables people break the game in quite a number ways, which is not surprising. As shown in a YouTube video by spaceandstuff_NMS that provides fans with further details on how to duplicate this glitch for themselves, if done flawlessly, there’s nothing stopping gamers from launching themselves to other planets in a star system.

Though players have come across a number of strange and frequently downright funny bugs in No Man’s Sky, this one sticks out as one of the more peculiar exploits fans have found in recent years. It’s possible that this bug has been around since The Abyss update in 2018, when crystal sulphide vents were added, but the community hasn’t been aware of it until recently.

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