Disney Launches A New Range Of Lion King Squishmallows For Its 30th Anniversary

Disney Launches A New Range Of Lion King Squishmallows For Its 30th Anniversary

  • In honour of the film’s 30th anniversary, Disney has unveiled five brand-new Lion King Squishmallows.
  • The Simba Symbol patches are stitched onto the new Squishmallows owned by Simba, Nala, Scar, Timon, and Pumba.
  • The price of each Squishmallow is $14.99, and GameStop, Walmart, and Amazon will sell them.

Every toy company in charge of a big fandom wants to work with certain toys; these include Funko Pops, Lego, and, more recently, Squishmallows. Squishmallows are already available for Sonic, Pokemon, and even certain Disney characters; Disney’s selection has now expanded by five. Five brand-new Lion King Squishmallows were made in honour of the beloved Disney film’s June 24 30th anniversary.

The five characters from The Lion King who will receive the Squishmallow treatment are Pumba, Timon, Nala, Simba, and Scar. A few of those characters are already Squishmallows owners, but this anniversary set is slightly more exclusive than the Squishmallows from The Lion King that came before it. To indicate that these are Lion King anniversary plushes, a Simba’s Symbol patch is sewed into the lower right corner of each one, with the colour varying according on which Squishmallow is the dominant colour.

When the Squishmallows are released in honour of The Lion King’s anniversary, they will cost $14.99 per and be sold at Amazon, Walmart, and GameStop. It looks like the new range isn’t up just yet, maybe because it’s being saved for the movie’s real anniversary, which is in a few days. Nevertheless, if you chance to be visiting a Walmart or a GameStop over the weekend, they might already be available in-store.

Squishmallows for The Lion King’s Anniversary

There doesn’t seem to be anything planned for Simba’s birthday, despite the momentous occasion for one of Disney’s biggest films. There used to be a Simba and Nala plush set available at the Disney Store, and there will be a concert to commemorate the 30th anniversary. The next live-action Lion King film doesn’t seem to have been developed to commemorate the anniversary; instead, it’s simply coming out in 2024. Muafasa: The Lion King is another film that has yet to be released. It’s scheduled to open in theatres in December.

Pokemon’s next two additions to Squishmallows come following the five new Lion King plushes. Bellibolt and Fuecoco will be Pokemon’s upcoming Squishmallows, according to a tease. Though somewhat unexpected given that both are Paldean and Piplup is the most recent Pokemon to receive a Squishmallow, it makes sense on the one hand given that they both have soft, squishy designs.

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