Bubsy Collection Coming Next Year

Bubsy Collection Coming Next Year

  • Babsy in: Powered by Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine, the Purrfect Collection will comprise the first three Bubsy games as well as Bubsy 3D.
  • The first Bubsy game was launched in 1993 for the Genesis and Super NES, and it was designed as a challenger to Mario and Sonic.
  • Produced by Audi Sorlie, the next Bubsy collection will have updates and improvements made possible by Limited Run Games’ Carbon Engine.

Atari and Limited Run Games have revealed that Bubsy in

The Purrfect Collection, a new game compilation, will be available in 2025. The original three Bubsy titles released on the Genesis, Game Boy, SNES, and the contentious Bubsy 3D—all of which Limited Run Games claimed would utilize their Carbon Engine—will be included in the Purffect Collection.

Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog’s rival mascot, Bubsy, was first intended to be made by the now-defunct Accolade game company. 1993 saw the Genesis and Super NES release of Bubsy’s first game, which was called Bubsy in: Claws Encounters of the Furred Kind. In the original Bubsy game, the titular orange bobcat used his running and gliding abilities to repel the extraterrestrial Woollies and prevent the planet’s yarn ball supply from being taken. Bubsy 2 was released a year later. When Bubsy 3D was published in 1996 for the Atari Jaguar and PlayStation, gamers largely criticized the game’s gameplay and graphics. Up until 2017’s Bubsy: The Woollies Strike Back, Bubsy 3D was the last game in the series.

Fans of Bubsy will soon get to see the witty bobcat on his first adventures, thanks to Limited Run Games. Atari and Limited Run debuted a short video parodying the James Bond film series to tease Bubsy in: The Purrfect Collection during the 2024 edition of LGR3. The 007-inspired title crawl did not live up to expectations, but as soon as Bubsy showed up, everything changed. By questioning the audience if they were expecting someone else, the bobcat kicked the letters on the screen and shattered the fourth wall. Then Bubsy touched the TV remote, and he saw a number of screen settings, including contrast and volume, appear incorrectly. He panicked. After that, the game’s logo and 2025 release window were seen in the trailer.

Bubsy is coming back in The Perfect Collection.

Babsy in: The Purrfect Collection will make use of the Carbon Engine from Limited Run, which enables the emulation of games on contemporary platforms. The Steam page for The Purrfect Collection states that four games will be included in the compilation. Claws Encounters of the Purred Kind, the Game Boy and 16-bit versions of Bubsy 2, and Bubsy 3D are the games in which Bubsy appears. Producer Audi Sorlie of Digital Foundry, who has made a vintage documentary of the Bubsy series and Arzette: The Jewel of Faramore, will produce The Purrfect Collection.

Bubsy joins the ranks of other classic television shows, such as Tomba and Gex, which have been brought back to life by Carbon Engine and Limited Run Games. It’s unclear what additions and modifications will be made to the next Bubsy collection.

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