Stranger Things Is Getting Its Own Range Of Squishmallows

Stranger Things Is Getting Its Own Range Of Squishmallows

  • A video game, movie, or TV show’s level of success in the toy and collector sector can be gauged by how many Lego sets and Funko Pops it has. More Squishmallows can be added to the melting pot alongside them as time goes on. In honour of Squishmallows Day in 2024, Jazwares has revealed that Stranger Things will be joining the Squishmallows family, in addition to Pokemon and Marvel.

The toy’s official Instagram account tweeted a teaser on Thursday, saying “The Upside Down just got squishier” and having part of the text upside down. The teaser revealed Squishmallows and Stranger Things are crossing over. It is unknown what or who from The Upside Down and Hawkins will be transformed into Squishmallows. Though there will likely be much more this Squishmallows Day, it’s possible that the initial designs may be unveiled in the next few hours.

Now is the moment to start making assumptions about what the first batch of Stranger Things Squishmallows might look like, whether they are unveiled in a few hours or are kept for a later time. It’s likely that the five youngsters who comprise the main cast of the show will be the first to be disclosed, but hopefully Jazwares and Netflix can come up with something a little more creative. While they may not be overtly cuddly or soft, a Demogorgon Squishmallow would nonetheless look fantastic.

The countdown to Stranger Things’ fifth and final season has begun with the news that Squishmallows will be arriving. Season five of Stranger Things has no official release date as of yet, however 2025 is anticipated. The anticipation for Stranger Things’ finale is at an all-time high since the show reached its height with season four, having perhaps declined over seasons two and three. Hopefully, a three-year break between seasons won’t have sapped that eagerness.

Throughout the day, further Squishmallow announcements will be made, so follow TheGamer and the toy’s social media accounts for more exciting news. There are currently no signs as to what else might be revealed, however more information about Pokemon’s next products may be revealed. Its Dragonite design has been unveiled and may go on sale today. Additionally, if the leak revealing Dragonite’s Squishmallow is true, Marill may soon be added to the Pokemon lineup.

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