The Best Free Games For The Oculus Quest

  • The Oculus Quest’s free games include a range of experiences, including platforming, horror, and 3D painting.
  • Demos let users test out games before they buy them, which helps them make wise decisions.
  • Playing multiplayer virtual reality games with friends and competing against other players is possible with titles like Vertical Shift and Mission X.

Virtual reality has always fascinated people, and everyone has dreamed of its potential. With the rising cost of VR gear, you can live out your desires right in your living room. But games can be expensive if you buy a lot of them, especially when platforms like the Oculus Quest headgear are still relatively new.

Fortunately, all VR headsets come with free games, and Oculus Quest offers a tonne of amazing games that you can play for free. On the Oculus Quest, you may play multiplayer games for free with your pals. These are the top Oculus Quest games that are available for free play.

Updated by Branden Lizardi on June 20, 2024: With more and more games being released on the VR platform each month, The Meta Quest is evolving into a more sophisticated gaming environment. We have been closely monitoring any new games that come with a free price tag. We think this one is worth your time! Big Ballers VR is a free-to-play sports game that offers a variety of sports with an emphasis on the community. It was so good that we decided to add it to the list.

Demos And Free Apps

While playing a complete game is an amazing experience, there are many of smaller apps available for free download, such game demos or the YouTube app. If you look for them, the Oculus Browser and the YouTube app provide a tonne of VR experiences.

Furthermore, demos are the ideal technique to determine which games you enjoy playing so that you may choose wisely when buying new ones. You always have something to play if you want to try something new, with free game demos available for Creed: Rise To Glory, Superhot, Space Pirate Trainer, Beat Sabre, and many more titles.

Big Ballers Virtual Reality

There is a wide variety of free-to-play shooters available. Science fiction sequences and tag games in the jungle are entertaining, but occasionally you want something a little more rooted in reality, even if it’s virtual. You should play some classic sports! Big Ballers VR can help with that. This is a free-to-play sports game with a variety of games, including baseball and basketball. There are even sports that begin with distinct characters.

Additionally, a lot of emphasis is placed on community, promoting online matches of friendly games with like-minded VR players. When you combine this with the abundance of customisation choices, it becomes an excellent place to discover one’s online persona in a setting that is focused on sports. The best part is that playing is totally free.

NotClip VR

For those who don’t know, The Backrooms is a horror story told in the style of Wikipedia about a number of alternate realities. The most famous floor is the first one, where a bizarre monster is hidden behind an unending maze of off-yellow office hallways. There is no escape, no place is safe, and every resource is limited, am I right?

A fan-made version of many Backrooms floors is called NoClip VR. Play multiplayer games with friends, avoid monsters, and navigate mazes. This provides a unique direct experience for those who enjoy the horror story it tells. If you liked it, you can help the developers out by purchasing the extra DLC, which includes new levels and additional hazardous patterns.


Painting is a great hobby in and of itself, but it’s even more fun in a 3D virtual reality setting where you may colour whatever you want. Open Brush is a free SideQuest game that lets you live out your dreams of painting in a three-dimensional environment where objects come to life through images. It’s far more thrilling than the ordinary thing.

You’ll instantly fall in love with Open Brush because it gives you a full room to express your ideas. Open Brush is fantastic software that is made much better by the fact that it is free. If you enjoy art, this is one of the best Oculus Quest games that you can play.


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