Fallen Aces: How To Heal

Fallen Aces: How To Heal

In Fallen Aces, the streets of Switchblade City are rife with firearms, gangs, and goons. It’s fortunate that Michael Thane, the detective, is skilled at defusing situations. When you combine your combat prowess with an infinite number of weapons at your disposal, you won’t have to be afraid of a few irate men wearing fedoras.

A few fights are thrown your way to test your skills while you’re learning the controls and fighting. Healing is essential because there’s little guarantee that your first fight won’t be a perfect triumph. Fortunately, it’s as simple as locating a weapon; all you have to do is look about carefully.

Methods for healing

You can use food, medication, and cigarettes to heal yourself. Healing goods can be used immediately upon discovery or stored in your inventory.

Using healing goods won’t instantly make you healthier. Alternatively, a healing item will grant you a temporary healing bonus that makes your health regenerate.

Your Toughness, represented by the ace emblem next to your health bar, can be restored by certain healing items. Although toughness lessens the amount of damage you take, it will eventually run out just like health does.

Where To Look For Items That Heal

It’s typical to find healing items in kitchens, refrigerators, and even on top of tables. There’s probably a healing item lurking somewhere inside. Locating healing goods when exploring outside is far more challenging.

Additionally, vending machines sell medical supplies. If you can’t locate anything in your surroundings, it’s worth going back to a vending machine because cigarettes and sodas are so inexpensive.

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