How to Catch Shiny Ducklett and Shiny Swanna in Pokemon GO

How to Catch Shiny Ducklett and Shiny Swanna in Pokemon GO

  • Catch Shiny Ducklett and Shiny Swanna in Pokemon GO with these tips! Learn about increased spawn rates, shiny checking techniques, and best times to hunt for these rare variants in the game.

Pokemon GO introduced Shiny Ducklett and Shiny Swanna during the Aquatic Paradise 2024 event. This event brings multiple ways to encounter a Shiny Ducklett, including wild spawns, Research tasks, and Collection Challenges. Keep in mind that Shiny variants are rarer compared to their regular counterparts. Here’s a comprehensive guide to help you catch Shiny Ducklett and evolve it into Shiny Swanna.

How to Catch Shiny Ducklett

There are several methods to encounter Shiny Ducklett in Pokémon GO. These include wild spawns, Research task rewards, and completing featured Collection Challenges during events like Aquatic Paradise 2024, which significantly increase the chances of finding a Shiny variant.

Catching Shiny Ducklett as a Wild Spawn

During events featuring Ducklett, its wild spawn rate is increased, making it easier to encounter a Shiny Ducklett. The probability of finding a Shiny variant directly correlates with the number of regular Ducklett you encounter—the more you find, the higher your chances of encountering a Shiny.

To boost wild Pokémon spawn rates, use items like Lure Modules, Incense, and leverage the Weather Boost effect:

  • Lure Modules: Attach to PokéStops or Gyms to increase spawns in the surrounding area.
  • Incense: Attaches to the player, increasing spawns around your location.
  • Weather Boost: Increases spawn rates of specific types of Pokémon depending on the weather conditions.

Ducklett spawns more frequently in rainy and windy weather. To maximize your chances, find a PokéStop or Gym with these weather conditions, attach a Lure Module, activate Incense, and walk around that area. This strategy will increase the already boosted spawn rates of Ducklett during featured events.

Getting Shiny Ducklett as a Research Task Reward

Shiny Ducklett can also be obtained as a reward for completing featured Research tasks. Events like Aquatic Paradise 2024 often include numerous Research tasks featuring Ducklett. While completing these tasks can reward you with a Shiny Ducklett, the Shiny encounter is not guaranteed.

How to Evolve Shiny Ducklett into Shiny Swanna

Once you’ve caught a Shiny Ducklett, you’ll need to evolve it into Shiny Swanna. This evolution requires 50 Candy in Pokémon GO. You can farm this Candy by catching and transferring multiple Ducklett.


Catching Shiny Ducklett and evolving it into Shiny Swanna during Pokémon GO’s Aquatic Paradise 2024 event can be a rewarding challenge. By utilizing wild spawns, completing Research tasks, and leveraging the event’s boosted spawn rates and weather conditions, you’ll increase your chances of adding these rare Shiny variants to your collection. Remember to use Lure Modules, Incense, and take advantage of Weather Boosts to maximize your efforts. Happy hunting!

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