Pokemon Go: Guide to Pokemon Evolutions with Lure Modules

Pokemon Go: Guide to Pokemon Evolutions with Lure Modules

Explore Pokemon Go evolutions with lure modules! Discover how to use lure modules to evolve specific Pokemon, including strategies and tips for maximizing evolution opportunities in the game.

There are various ways to evolve Pokemon in Pokemon GO, one of which involves using Lure Modules. These items typically attract Pokemon to a PokeStop for a short period. Since the game’s launch, thematic Lure Modules have been introduced, attracting specific types of Pokemon and enabling some to evolve. Here’s a breakdown of every Pokemon that evolves with a Lure Module, the candy cost, and more.

Pokemon That Evolve with a Rainy Lure

The Rainy Lure Module was added to Pokemon GO in May 2021. This module allows players to evolve Sliggoo into the Pseudo-Legendary Pokemon, Goodra. Previously, players had to wait for in-game rain, but now they can evolve Sliggoo by feeding it 100 Goomy Candies while within range of an active Rainy Lure Module. Sliggoo first evolves from Goomy using 25 Goomy Candies.

Apart from enabling Sliggoo’s evolution, the Rainy Lure also attracts Water-, Bug-, and Electric-type Pokemon.

Pokemon That Evolve with a Mossy Lure

Eevee, known for its multiple evolutions, has two evolutions that require a Lure Module. Eevee can evolve into Leafeon, a Grass-type evolution, by feeding it 25 candies while near a Mossy Lure Module. This mirrors the main series where Eevee evolved into Leafeon near a Moss Rock. In Pokemon GO, this mechanism remains essentially the same. Besides evolving Eevee, the Mossy Lure Module attracts mostly Grass-, Bug-, and Poison-type Pokemon.


Pokemon That Evolve with a Glacial Lure

Glacial Lure Modules, associated with Ice-types, attract both Ice- and Water-type Pokemon.

Eevee to Glaceon: Similar to Leafeon’s evolution, Eevee evolves into the Ice-type Glaceon when fed 25 candies near an active Glacial Lure Module.

Crabrawler to Crabominable: This Alola Pokemon evolves into Crabominable with 50 candies when near a Glacial Lure Module, mimicking the main-series evolution requirement of being on Mount Lanakila in Alola.

Pokemon That Evolve with a Magnetic Lure

The Magnetic Lure Module, attracting Electric-, Steel-, and Rock-type Pokemon, allows for the evolution of three different Pokemon, reflecting the Special Magnetic Fields in the main games.

Magneton to Magnezone: This Steel/Electric-type evolves from Magnemite with 25 candies and further evolves into Magnezone using a Magnetic Lure and 100 candies.

Nosepass to Probopass: This Rock-type from Gen III evolves into the Steel/Rock-type Probopass from Gen IV with 50 Nosepass candies and a Magnetic Lure.

Charjabug to Vikavolt: After evolving from Grubbin with 25 candies, Charjabug evolves into Vikavolt with 100 more candies and an active Magnetic Lure Module.

Special Case: Golden Lure Modules and Gimmighoul

While the Golden Lure Module is not necessary for evolution, it significantly aids in evolving Gimmighoul into Gholdengo. Gimmighoul evolves with 999 Gimmighoul Coins instead of candies. These coins are obtained by catching Gimmighoul, walking with it as your buddy, or spinning Golden PokeStops. After sending a Postcard from Pokemon GO to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet for five days, players receive a Golden Lure Module, which activates a PokeStop, turning it gold for 30 minutes, spawning more Gimmighoul and dropping several Gimmighoul Coins when spun. Golden PokeStops also appear naturally during certain events, dropping Gimmighoul Coins but not necessarily spawning Gimmighoul in the area.

How to Obtain Lure Modules in Pokemon GO

The primary method to obtain Lure Modules is to purchase them from the in-game shop. Standard Lure Modules cost 100 PokeCoins, while specialty modules cost 180 PokeCoins each.

However, players don’t need to use their own Lure to evolve these Pokemon. Keeping an eye out for active Lures nearby can save PokeCoins. Search for active Glacial, Mossy, Rainy, or Magnetic Lures in the area to use them for evolution.

Community Days are excellent opportunities to find PokeStops equipped with Lures. For instance, during Grubbin Community Day, Magnetic Lures were prevalent, helping players evolve their shiny Charjabugs.

Other methods to obtain specialty Lure Modules include:

  • Shop Bundles: Occasionally, limited-time bundles in the shop contain various Lure Modules.
  • Special and Timed Research: Lure Modules can be rewards for completing Special Research quests or Timed Research tasks.
  • Collection Challenges: These limited-time challenges sometimes offer Lures as rewards.
  • Golden Lure Module: Exclusively obtained by sending five Postcards (on five separate days) to Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.


Lure Modules in Pokemon GO offer a unique way to evolve certain Pokemon and attract specific types to PokeStops. By understanding which Pokemon evolve with each type of Lure and how to obtain these modules, players can efficiently complete their Pokedex and strengthen their team. Keep an eye out for Community Days and special events to maximize the use of Lure Modules and enjoy the diverse evolutions they facilitate.

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