Genshin Impact Leaks Banner Characters for Version 4.8

Genshin Impact Leaks Banner Characters for Version 4.8

The five-star characters that will be included in the next update, 4.8 and 8, have been made public by a Genshin Impact leak. Every update since the new Fontaine region was introduced has added at least one new five-star character, Clorinde being the most recent.

Not only will Clorinde be a new character in the current update, but a new five-star Hydro user named Sigewinne has already made many appearances in-game, according to HoYoverse’s Special Program event. Despite Sigewinne’s non-official arrival on the active servers, fresh Genshin Impact leaks have identified which five-star units will be included in the upcoming 4.8 release.

There are two primary banner cycles for Genshin Impact updates, each with two banners. Players can simultaneously pull for two restricted five-star units with a shared four-star lineup that always consists of three characters thanks to these twin banners. Previous announcements from HoYoverse have verified that Emilie, a new five-star Dendro user, will be launched in version 4.8. She is the sole new player on the squad, hence, there will be three reruns of the banners in 4.8. Genshin Impact Version 4.8 will have reruns of the following five-star characters alongside Emilie, according to a recent tweet by user hxg_diluc.

Update 4.8 for Genshin Impact: Five-star Banner Characters Revealed

First Banner Cycle: Five-star users of the Geo Claymore, Navia, and Hydro swords, Nilou
Second Banner Cycle: Emilie, a brand-new Dendro polearm user with five stars
Yelan, a five-star user of Hydro Bow
The banner order appears to have startled a lot of fans, as HoYoverse often introduces new characters in the first section of the update. In Genshin Impact, Navia is a potent DPS unit that can be used in a variety of team configurations. However, she does require a strong main damage dealer with Geo Vision. Many people also think that she’s the most enjoyable character to utilize out of the entire cast.

For Genshin Impact teams who depend on inflicting Bloom damage, Navia’s banner comrade Nilou is a crucial asset. Through one of her passive abilities, she may transform the normal Dendro Cores that Bloom drops into Bountiful Cores, which have increased damage capacity and Area of Effect effects. Many supporters assert that even though Nilou and Navia are S-tier actors in their separate parts, they will have to give up their banners in order to support Yelan and Emilie.

Emilie is expected to be a special off-field support whose kit centers around initiating the Burning reaction, which is less common than other Dendro elemental reactions, according to earlier leaks. Alongside Furina, Yelan is regarded by many as one of the finest Hydro supports in the game, and she continues to retain the record for most income earned by Genshin Impact.