Baldur's Gate 3 Fan Finds Hidden Shadowheart Dialogue

Baldur’s Gate 3 Fan Finds Hidden Shadow heart Dialogue

  • There is a second, hidden approval meter for Shadowheart in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • There are six “Nightsong points” in all, and obtaining four of them will allow you to access a special scene where she starts to have doubts about Shar.
  • When combined with a high approval rating, Shadowheart doesn’t require convincing to spare the Nightsong.

An enthusiast found that Baldur’s Gate 3 contains a second, hidden “Nightsong Points” approval meter for Shadowheart.

According to PC Gamer, you can earn six of these points in Acts 1 and 2, but you only need four to start a covert dialogue when she starts to question Shar without our usual prodding.

In addition, she has a high approval rating (which you can view on her character profile), so she won’t need convincing to spare the Nightsong. Although it doesn’t change how she acts in Act 3, it does give you access to a special exchange that the majority of us missed. This is essentially a justification for your tenth run through.

The Functions Of The Hidden Nightsong Points

Nightsong Points are earned by checking off specific interactions as you play using an internal checklist that operates in the background. After you’ve struck enough of them, Shadowheart will appear in a brand-new, original scene.

You will need to take note of these parameters and cross them out as you go, making sure that you finish at least four, because the player cannot see into the system.

Speaking of her memory of the wolf
Inquiring about her hand wound*, opening her recollection of the Noblestalk
presenting a night orchid to her
Allowing her to donate blood at Shar’s Gauntlet
The secret method was uncovered by YouTuber SlimX, who points out that the exchange regarding her hand wound seems to be glitchy, thus it might not count. If you would like to test this on your own, just to be safe, finish at least five of these encounters, or exclude the hand one from the counting.

Once you’ve entered the Shadowfel, you can also drop the Spear of Night if you wish to preserve the Nightsong without needing to convince Shadowheart or fill her two approval meters—this is especially useful for Honour Mode. That way, she won’t be able to utilize it. Shar really does send her best troops.

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