Honkai: Star Rail Poll Reveals Most Popular Character

Honkai: Star Rail Poll Reveals Most Popular Character

Five-star Jing Yuan has emerged as the community’s most beloved figure, according to a Honkai

Star Rail survey. Tens of millions of people have played Honkai: Star Rail since its launch in April 2023, indicating the game’s enormous user base.

Honkai: Star Rail is still the second most played game in HoYoverse, although it regularly tops the revenue charts for mobile games. HoYoverse’s frequent updates, which add new characters to the playable cast, are a major factor in the game’s success.

The five-star characters that appear on limited banners are the main source of income for HoYoverse from Honkai: Star Rail, much like in most other gacha games. As to the tweet from hxg_diluc, a recent survey conducted among the Chinese players of the game revealed that Jing Yuan is the most well-liked character in Honkai: Star Rail. Jing Yuan, one of the seven Arbiter-Generals of the Xianzhou Alliance’s Cloud Knights, is still the most popular option for most Trailblazers even though he was introduced more than a year ago. A unique Jing Yuan head icon has been given out for free on HoYoLAB, a well-liked gaming community for HoYoverse games, in honor of his poll triumph. The fact that this free symbol is exclusive to the CN server should not be overlooked.

Why Is Jing Yuan Such a Hit?

In addition to his position as an Arbiter-General, Jing Yuan is referred to as one of the Xianzhou Luofu’s Six Charioteers. He may be a slacker, but he’s been a commander for the Luofu for generations. In Honkai: Star Rail, Jing Yuan is known for being a very strong DPS character who can inflict a lot of AoE damage with his Lightning Lord ability. Everything in his arsenal is geared on taking advantage of the Lightning Lord’s counterattacks.

Since Jing Yuan’s Talent is linked to the Lightning Lord effect, players should concentrate on this aspect of his build to increase damage potential. Before Dawn is the best Light Cone for Jing Yuan and is frequently chosen by characters who take the Path of Erudition. Jing Yuan is a flexible DPS unit that can fit into several party configurations in Honkai: Star Rail.

Strong allies like Sparkle can provide a good amount of skill points for the group as a whole, allowing Jing Yuan to use his skill often and deal Lightning Lord’s full ten-stack damage. It might take a few months for players who are anxious to add Jing Yuan to their team because he didn’t have his first banner rerun until Honkai: Star Rail 2.0.

By: Comparenbuy