5 Game Boy Games Based On Movies

5 Game Boy Games Based On Movies

  • With handheld adventures inspired by films like Jurassic Park and Terminator, the Game Boy was a breakthrough way to play games on the go.
  • Play games on the Game Boy platform that include unique gameplay concepts and let you control classic characters like Batman and the Ghostbusters.
  • With games like Ghostbusters II and Water World, players can take on a variety of difficult tasks and enjoy a varied gaming experience.

Upon its first introduction, the Game Boy opened the door to a whole new genre of gaming. You carried the gaming device in your pocket. Numerous games that are linked to your favourite films are also included in the experience. Every genre is covered, from post-apocalyptic blockbusters to action films.

Certain games allow you to use a portable console to replay historical events. Would you like to defend an island against dinosaurs? How about dodging the Stormtroopers with a blaster? You are the protagonist of your own tale when you use the Game Boy. These eleven old Game Boy games were inspired by motion pictures.

A Dinosaur Park

Playing as Alan Grant from the movie, you can collect dinosaur eggs all over the island in Jurassic Park for the Game Boy, which is a lot like the NES version of the game. To go on to the next level, you must gather them all.

Numerous well-known dinosaurs, such the Triceratops and the Trex, can be found in the game. Not only are there many lesser dinosaurs to kill before they deplete your health, but you only have so many lives in this era of autosaves, so be careful.

T2: The Video Game Arcade
The only thing that separates T2 Terminator from the light gun arcade game it was based on is that it doesn’t employ motion sensors or a light gun. The D-Pad is used to control everything while you move the crosshair over different HK Units or Hunter Killers.

As the screen moves constantly, you must blast the HK while they fire at you, reducing your health and hiding behind structures. By striking health packs and boosters, you can also restore your health and improve your weaponry.

Jury Day in Terminator 2

In stark contrast to its predecessor, Terminator II is a run-and-gun platformer where the player takes on the role of Sarah Connors against the HK. In addition to shooting, there are a few sprinkling minigames that function as a kind of hacking.
This gives you the ability to take command of the recognisable T-800 and destroy everyone who is after John Connor. This allows you to play a motorcycle part in which you have to shoot the truck that is pursuing you while also dodging other roadblocks.

Deadly Weapon

A video game adaptation of Lethal Weapon was released on several platforms, including the Game Boy. It is a cross between a traditional beat ’em up and a run-and-gun game where you can gather weapons to take out opponents from a distance.

In addition, you have the option to blow adversaries apart with explosives or beat them up with your fist. If you enjoy the Lethal Weapon series, this is a fun novelty to carry around in your pocket even though it’s not the greatest beat-em-up or movie tie-in game.

Ghostbusters II

You can take on the roles of Egon, Winston, Ray, and Venkman in Ghostbusters II. The Ghostbusters are here to move from floor to floor, removing spirits from the building. Players will need to investigate each area in order to find the ghosts that may be hiding inside, using a top-down camera view.

You can locate ghosts and tame them with traps or the proton pack; you will be managing two individuals simultaneously, one of whom will accompany you around as a companion. While you actively search for ghosts, they will employ their own equipment to trap them.

Batman: The video game

One of the most outrageous adventures for the caped crusader is Batman on Game Boy. Batman takes a unique tool out of his holster—yes, this Batman employs a gun—instead than relying on his fists or the objects on his utility belt.
Run and gun gameplay with collection powerups to provide extra defence while pursuing the Joker character is what this game is all about. Batman on Game Boy features a surprisingly nice soundtrack with a nostalgic vibe, despite the unconventional gameplay.


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