Shadow of the Erdtree: How to Get and Use Frozen Maggot

Shadow of the Erdtree: How to Get and Use Frozen Maggot

As you explore the Land of Shadow in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, you’ll soon discover new crafting recipes. You will frequently come across recipes for “Hefty Pots.” Though they take a little longer to throw because of their size, these enormous versions of the main game’s throwing pots can do a ton of damage and accumulate status effects more quickly than their smaller counterparts.

It will take some scavenging to craft the new Hefty Pots in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree. These pots are meant to be packed into Hefty Cracked Pots and thrown at your enemies. Frozen maggot is one component you’ll need, especially if you want to cause frostbite. This is an easy way to locate tons of frozen maggots.

Belurat Gaol is the easiest area to farm frozen maggots early on. This underground jail is home to ghosts, Jar Innards, and a few Living Jars. It is reachable through a lakeside cave close to Belurat. The most significant finding for our needs is that there are Frozen Maggots strewn all over the Prison that may be collected in large quantities. Numerous respawns are possible, and when defeated, the eerie ghosts who prowl this Gaol may drop additional of them. (They provide the food for people incarcerated here, after all.)

Belurat Gaol is located at the address indicated in the first picture, and it has a lot of maggots that are easily accessible a short distance from the Grace. There are several frozen maggots on the ground if you travel farther into the Gaol from the Grace and turn left into the first cell that becomes available. Step outside the cell and continue down until you reach a wide open space. This area has more Maggots on the ground, and the Shadowy Spirits that drop them are also there. Proceed downward, cross a naturally occurring bridge, and enter a doorway to reach a different chamber that contains a maggot for you to gather. If your only objective is to farm Maggots, it’s best to head back and reset at the grace after reaching this room. You can then hop through a hole on the right side of the room to go deeper into the Gaol and find even more Maggots. However, there isn’t a way back to the entrance without dying or killing a boss after this point. (Clear the entire jail when you have the opportunity, though, as it contains many helpful items.)

The major component of the Hefty Freezing Pot is frozen maggots, which when hurled at an enemy can result in a significant amount of frostbite accumulation. The “Greater Potentate’s Cookbook (11)” is located in the Jar Labyrinth, which is located further within the Belurat Gaol, and contains the recipe for the Hefty Freezing Pot. You will need to search the labyrinth for pots you may use to climb up and reach the cookbook, which is perched on four jars at the middle of the labyrinth, when the stairs to the enormous Jar Altar fall and drop you into the labyrinth.

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