Overwatch 2 Planning Buffs for Reinhardt and Winston

Overwatch 2 Planning Buffs for Reinhardt and Winston

  • The goal of Overwatch 2 is to improve Winston’s ultimate and alt-fire, as well as Reinhardt’s Charge.
  • Alec Dawson talks on hero balance, taking stock of his past transgressions and his future goals.
  • The damage from Reinhardt’s Charge could reach 300. Winston’s Tesla Cannon alt fire charge time could also be shortened, and his ultimate could also undergo further adjustments.

Currently, Overwatch 2 is working on buffs for Winston’s ultimate and alt fire, as well as for Reinhardt’s charge. Although these adjustments haven’t been implemented yet, players may anticipate a much-needed boost for these beloved Overwatch 2 heroes very soon.

Overwatch 2’s main gameplay designer Alec Dawson recently discussed hero balance with the game’s content developer Spilo. Dawson discussed his hero design philosophy and some of his future goals during the conversation. He also took some time to think back on prior errors, such providing some characters with an excessive number of tools that make them excessively adaptable in comparison to other heroes.

However, Dawson revealed during the conversation that Reinhardt and Winston will shortly receive some upgrades. With Reinhardt’s Charge’s damage set to 300, he should be able to pin most heroes in Overwatch 2 and instantaneously kill them all save for tanks. Winston’s Tesla Cannon alt-fire and Primal Rage ultimate, however, will undergo enhancements. Although Dawson was unable to provide precise information regarding the final modifications at this time, he did speculate that these next updates would shorten the Tesla Cannon’s charging time.

Potential Overwatch 2 Reinhardt and Winston Buffs

  • The pinning damage of Reinhardt’s Charge might reach 300.
  • It will probably take less time for Winston’s Telsa Cannon alt fire to charge.
  • Winston will have an enhanced Primal Rage ultimate.

Two of the original tanks included in Overwatch 1 are Reinhardt and Winston. These heroes have either controlled the meta since the original game’s debut or have found it difficult to keep up with more recent characters. Since Winston and Reinhardt both experienced difficulties in Overwatch 2, these adjustments should enable the heroes to more successfully navigate the one-tank gameplay style of the sequel.

Although Dawson did not specify when these adjustments will take effect, given that Overwatch 2 Season 11 just started, it is likely that the finished boosts will be available within the next several weeks. There is usually a significant mid-season patch for Overwatch 2, so it’s feasible that these buffs may debut in mid-July, if not sooner.

Dawson’s conversation touched on a number of heroes besides Winston and Reinhardt. He mentioned Mauga, the most recent tank hero in Overwatch 2, adding that the developers are considering Cardiac Overdrive, his capacity to ignite lesser characters, and the fact that he increases the incentive for diving. Dawson also hinted to the upcoming Support character, Space Ranger, who will be in Overwatch 2 next season. She is a very mobile character with a mechanism that has only been hinted at by one other character thus far. Fans will likely learn more about Space Ranger, as well as these other hero upgrades, in the next few weeks.


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