World of Final Fantasy : The Game Advanture

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World of Final Fantasy (PS Vita)


Presenting “World of Final Fantasy”: an enthralling voyage that invites you to enter a world where nostalgia and creativity collide. Take a deep dive into the fanciful and whimsical world that is distilled from the core of Final Fantasy legend. “World of Final Fantasy” is an expedition through the recognizable characters and settings that have shaped the Final Fantasy franchise for many years, not just a game.

Set off on a grand adventure where the lines between the past, present, and future are completely blurred. Players are allowed to explore a variety of settings in “World of Final Fantasy,” from verdant forests to tall cities, and they will come across well-known characters like Cloud Strife, Lightning, and others.

World of Final Fantasy” is a role-playing video game that blends classic Final Fantasy elements with a unique monster-capturing mechanic called “Mirages.

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