Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Buzzwole

Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Buzzwole

  • Discover the optimal moveset for Buzzwole in Pokemon GO with our guide. Learn the best combination of moves to maximize its effectiveness in battles and raids.

Different species are regularly swapped in and out of Raids as encounters in Pokemon GO. This typically happens as the game’s seasons change, each of which has a number of events that offer chances to catch strong highlighted Pokemon. Trainers aim to make the most use of these uncommon opportunities in order to obtain the majority of really rare Pokemon, such as Legendaries, Mythicals, and Ultra Beasts.

Trainers must take precautions to guarantee that their team members are performing at their peak capacity, though, as combat in Pokemon GO may be severe against the most formidable foes. Equipping your Pokemon with their strongest moveset combination is one of the most important methods to increase their power. Among the various Ultra Beats in the game, Buzzwole is a good pick for a variety of fights. The guide below identifies the optimal movesets for Buzzwole to assist Trainers maximise their effectiveness.

Pokemon GO’s Best Moveset for Buzzwole

Buzzwole is a Dual-Type character in Pokemon GO, possessing a Fighting secondary type and a Bug primary type. Players should be aware of this combo and refrain from putting Buzzwole into these specific matchups because it is weak against Pokemon or moves of the Psychic, Fire, and Fairy kinds and 2x weak versus Fire-type Pokemon or moves.

With the optimal moveset combination, which is shown below, Buzzwole will deal 15.10 damage to enemies every second and 510.63 damage in total before being unconscious. Apart from this particular combination, a few more choices are also included below, which offer additional flexibility in case you need to modify your strategy due to different kinds of coverage, opponents, or other factors.

The Best Buzzwole Moveset Options for a Fast Move are Counter Charged Move, Superpower, and Secondary Buzzwole Moveset.

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