Overwatch 2 Fans Aren't Happy About Season 11's Battle Pass Skins

Overwatch 2 Fans Aren’t Happy About Season 11’s Battle Pass Skins

  • The battle pass skins for Overwatch 2 Season 11 have disappointed many, who believe the benefits aren’t worth the work required to grind for them.
  • The new Genji skin’s resemblance to an earlier cosmetic and Ashe’s Calamity Empress skin’s lack of intricate customisation have drawn criticism.
  • Though opinions on the skins are divided, Season 11 could revitalise the Overwatch 2 gameplay.

The condition of several of the Overwatch 2 Season 11 battle pass skins has angered some fans. Although Overwatch 2 and its predecessor clearly differ from one another, certain elements, such as skins, have remained significant to players since Overwatch’s 2016 release. While it can be challenging to consistently create new concepts for purely aesthetic aspects throughout almost ten years of material, players have very specific expectations for a game they can invest a great deal of time in.

Super Mega Ultrawatch is the latest season of Overwatch 2, and it brings a tonne of new features and skins. There are fresh and updated maps accessible, as well as new hero mastery tasks for players to complete. In addition, players who missed their chance to obtain the beloved Pink Mercy skin will once again be able to do so in this season of Overwatch 2. Still, not every skin is adored.

Victor_6190, an Overwatch 2 enthusiast, expressed his displeasure with the Season 11 skins on Reddit, and many other players seem to share his opinion. Super Mega Ultrawatch features a number of costumes reminiscent of Sentai and Power Rangers, but it also has drawbacks, particularly when it comes to characters like Genji. Victor_6190 draws attention to the parallels between his old Sentai Overwatch skin and the new Genji skin.

Fans of Overwatch 2 Dissatisfied With Season 11 Skins

Supporters appear to agree that this is just a recolor and nothing more, and a major source of annoyance stems from the fact that players must grind through the Overwatch 2 Season 11 battle pass in order to receive this Genji skin. Players find it unsatisfactory to work so hard for what, to them, seems like so little in return. Other players have also mentioned certain aspects that they find annoying.

Guille3094, a Reddit user, criticises the Calamity Empress skin for Ashe, pointing out that it lacks intricate customisation options for elements like B.O.B.’s shotgun, dynamite, and rifle. While several of Ashe’s own weapons allow for this customisation, it seems like a mistake not to include B.O.B. in the arsenal like most other players do. The point put forward here is that it would be wonderful if updates including Ashe—a character with a lot of details, including B.O.B.—took those elements into consideration.

Even while some players are having trouble with Super Mega Ultrawatch, the season itself has a lot of potential to be a fun update, with maps and skins that some players actually truly appreciate. Given the impending Overwatch 2 and Transformers partnership that was hinted at in the season teaser, there’s a chance that additional skins will also become available. This season, the developers might have an opportunity to improve the sentiments of the participants.

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