Minecraft Players Debate Which Scrapped Features They'd Like to See in the Game

Minecraft Players Debate Which Scrapped Features They’d Like to See in the Game

  • For next Minecraft updates, Mojang takes user feedback into account, which may involve bringing back abandoned elements like Moobloom and birch woods.
  • In order to preserve the mythical creature motif of Minecraft, several proposals were rejected, such as the inclusion of sharks and mining ghosts.
  • Players still hope for the return of cancelled features like the Illusioner mob and barnacles, even with frequent updates.

Moobloom, Giant, and the Birch Forest are among the abandoned features that players of Minecraft would like to see reintroduced. Mojang frequently updates Minecraft with little fixes and enhancements to provide a better experience. However, Mojang has also published a number of significant updates over the years that distinguish themselves from the usual updates by adding more material and making more changes to Minecraft.

However, despite Mojang’s best efforts to create engaging new material, items are occasionally taken out of Minecraft, considered but never included, or only appear for a little period of time. Mojang considered including miner ghosts in Minecraft to guide players through caverns, but ultimately opted against the idea. Mojang disapproved of the notions of sharks, crocodiles, and alligators, contending that the hostile mobs in Minecraft must be fantastical animals. The Mummy is another hostile mob that was rejected because it resembles the Husk, a type of zombie that spawns in the desert. Players of Minecraft thus have to wait to see if Mojang will eventually release these abandoned features.

A discussion concerning the features that Minecraft users would like to see included to the game but were discarded was started by Reddit user _Hello_World_7. A player on Minecraft brought up Moobloom, a variation of cows that, had it won the Minecraft Mob Vote, would have included a new flower and bee interactions. Another person claimed to have overlooked the Giant, an enormous zombie that was tested by Minecraft before being removed. The inability to install a dispenser inside a minecart was bemoaned by other users of Minecraft.

Gamers Recall Functionalities Not Found in Minecraft

Some users remembered that one of the planned features of the upcoming Minecraft Wild Update was the removal of the birch forests. Mojang first introduced the idea of tall birch trees surrounded with fungus and fresh flowers. Moreover, the Illusioner—a hostile mob illager first observed in Snapshot 17w16a—is mentioned by gamers of Minecraft. Mojang claims that the Illusioner “needs a rework,” which is why it was never included in the official Minecraft release. Some users have expressed disappointment that the barnacle, which they believe may be the catalyst for a significant water-themed update that brings a deeper ocean akin to Subnautica, was never included to Minecraft.

This year, Mojang finally released the Tricky Trails Update, which gave players access to the Mace, 20 paintings, and new copper and tuff blocks. Every year, Minecraft receives new features thanks to the developers’ regular release of significant upgrades. Players of Minecraft thus have to wait to see if Mojang will ever add these abandoned features.

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