Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Jiaoqiu's Complete Kit

Honkai: Star Rail Leaks Jiaoqiu’s Complete Kit

  • Upcoming five-star characters in Honkai: Star Rail with special talents and capabilities are Jiaoqiu and Yunli.
  • New characters like Firefly and Jiaoqiu will be added to the game’s expanding cast in updates 2.3 and 2.4.
  • In Honkai: Star Rail, fans should expect Jiaoqiu to arrive around August 20, barring any kit modifications that the developer may decide to make.

More information on Jiaoqiu, a new five-star character, has surfaced via a Honkai: Star Rail leak. This information includes descriptions of his skill, ultimate, and talent. According to Honkai: Star Rail’s social media channels, Jiaoqiu has already been formally verified. Update 2.4 is anticipated to bring him in.

Jiaoqiu is not the only confirmed character from Honkai: Star Rail; HoYoverse also unveiled the introduction and splash art for Yunli, a fifth five-star character. The two new five-star troops will likely be released over the course of two banner cycles in update 2.4, as is customary.


Star Rail has added at least one new character every update since its introduction in April 2023. The most recent additions, Robin and Boothill, were included in version 2.2. Players will soon be able to wish for the much-expected Firefly, one of the most anticipated characters in the community, as Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.3 approaches. More information about the characters that will be added in the next update has already been revealed by a fresh round of beta leaks, even though she hasn’t even been made officially available on the banner yet. Razor Language, a reliable leaker of Honkai: Star Rail, has disclosed additional information regarding Jiaoqiu, the latest Foxian five-star.

Standard single-target strike, or basic attack

Jiaoqiu’s skill deals Fire damage to two adjacent targets as well as an enemy. The Roast the Ash stack effect will deal damage to the main target.
Ultimate: Jiaoqiu increases the total number of stacks on the field by placing as many Ash stacks on enemy targets as possible. Then, in accordance with Jiaoqiu’s ATK, he performs a field effect that does Fire damage. Three turns are allowed for the field effect to last, suggesting that Jiaoqiu could be a valuable ally in Honkai: Star Rail.
Honkai: Star Rail’s latest five-star Nihility character appears to be mostly dependent on his Talent effect, Roast the Ash stacks, which enable him to apply a stack each time his Basic ATK, Skill, or Ultimate strikes an opposing target. Incoming damage is increased by 7.5%–18.8% by these stacks, depending on the amount of stacks.

Since HoYoverse may yet make major adjustments to Jiaoqiu’s gear before he becomes a playable character, these leaks should be cautiously understood. He is expected to appear in Honkai: Star Rail Version 2.4’s second section, according to rumours, therefore, gamers should anticipate his debut around August 20.

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