Wuthering Waves Leaks Changli and Jinhsi Gameplay Animations

Wuthering Waves Leaks Changli and Jinhsi Gameplay Animations

  • The battle animations of Jinhsi and Changli, two new five-star characters that Kuro Games has announced, were leaked on Wuthering Waves.
  • In just one month, Wuthering Waves amassed over 30 million downloads, with promises of regular updates and new playable characters.
  • With update 1.1, Jinhsi and Changli will join Wuthering Waves, bringing with them special abilities like Spectro and Fusion damage capabilities.

The fighting animations of Jinhsi and Changli, two forthcoming five-star characters, have been leaked in a gameplay leak for Wuthering Waves. Kuro Games has formally confirmed these characters in one of its blog entries. With the release of Wuthering Waves update 1.1, both are anticipated to join the active servers.

Wuthering Waves was officially released less than a month ago, yet according to the game’s social media accounts, over 30 million downloads have been made. Players should anticipate Wuthering Waves to have a strict update schedule, similar to most gacha games, which means new material should be released every few weeks.

A fresh collection of battle animations showcasing Jinhsi and Changli was made public by a post on the Wuthering Waves Leaks subreddit. Jinhsi made her debut as the magistrate of Jinzhou, one of the major cities of the Wuthering Wave, in the game’s primary plot. Jue, the sentinel, who manifests as a dragon, and she share a bond. Kuro’s choice to incorporate the dragon into numerous Jinhsi animations is highly praised by fans in the comments area. According to earlier Wuthering Waves rumours, Jinhsi is a five-star Spectro character that primarily wields the Broadblade. These rumours are confirmed by the gameplay leak.

With the use of her skill, Jinhsi can sprint forward and launch several successive attacks that deal Spectro damage. Players will be able to drastically reduce the skill’s cooldown and cast it in midair. Much easier to use is Jinhsi’s ultimate, which deals a lot of AoE Spectro damage. Following the well-liked healer Verina, Jihnsi will be the second five-star Spectro character in Wuthering Waves.

Both Jinhsi’s Intro Skill damage and her Spectro damage enhancements are increased by her two passive talents. Wuthering Waves’ Changli is a DPS Fusion character who prefers to wield a sword as her primary weapon. Recent reports claim that when Changli uses her skill, she may quickly attack an enemy in close proximity and enter a unique state known as True Sight. Changli’s next Basic Attack will cause her to dash at an enemy and deal Fusion damage while in this state.

As for when exactly they will be released, update 1.1 is anticipated to include Jinhsi on the first Wuthering Waves banner cycle, which is anticipated to happen around June 27. Changli will presumably be added to the playable roster about three weeks after Jinhsi because she will most likely be a part of the second banner cycle. Since the video that was leaked came from the game’s test servers, Kuro still has time to improve Jinhsi and Changli before they are released officially.

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