Fortnite Leaks Reveal Upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean POI

Fortnite Leaks Reveal Upcoming Pirates of the Caribbean POI

  • There will be a crossover between Fortnite and Pirates of the Caribbean, bringing gamers familiar characters and pirate-themed environments.
  • Future Pirates of the Caribbean monuments, such as Jack Sparrow’s boat and the Black Pearl, are discovered by data miners.

A massive crossover event between Fortnite and Pirates of the Caribbean is set to introduce well-known characters from the franchise, along with pirate-themed areas, to the game. Update v30.20 was made available on Saturday, June 22, just nine days after the initial release of Chapter 5 Season 3; typically, Fortnite releases updates on Tuesdays. Due to an early break for Epic Games staff, the patch was issued significantly earlier than anticipated. To make sure that supporters will have something to occupy themselves with during the team’s almost month-long absence, this update was packed with material.

Gamers were able to witness the first Metallica showcase, an interactive musical experience on Creative Island, just hours after the update went live. Soon after, Fortnite Reload—a game mode that included weaponry from Fortnite Chapter 1 and an altered version of the original island—went live. Players were able to finish Fortnite Reload Quests and get fantastic summer-themed goodies.

Amidst these remarkable augmentations, the Cursed Sails event pass was briefly made accessible in the Item Shop following the patch’s release. For those who opted not to follow leaks, the introduction of the Pirates of the Caribbean x Fortnite crossover event was unfortunately ruined by this regrettable mistake. Nevertheless, in an effort to learn more about the impending partnership, dataminers have been hard at work sifting through the game files. Leakers quickly discovered previously undiscovered Pirates of the Caribbean locations that would soon be available in Fortnite.

Future Landmarks on the Pirates of the Caribbean Map

The Shipwreck Shallows at the Black Pearl Pirate Base

The Jack Sparrow cosmetics will be back in Fortnite, along with the Cursed Sails Pass. Considering the significance of Captain Jack Sparrow, the Black Pearl, his vessel, will be moored in the lake to the southeast of Restored Reels. The leaks indicate that in the vicinity of the player will be a pirate base; this area will be called Shipwreck Shallow and will be included to the official Chapter 5 Season 3 Battle Royale map in mid-July. According to Fortnite’s announcement, the Cursed Sails Pass will launch on July 19. This date is most likely when Shipwreck Shallow and the Black Pearl will be added to the game.

There are lots of things for players to do in Fortnite before then. To prepare for the reintroduction of the Pirates of the Caribbean pass to Fortnite, they can work on levelling up the Battle Pass, complete the Fortnite Reload Quests, and completing the remaining Metallica Quests.

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