Vtech RM7766HD

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Having peace of mind and staying connected is possible with the VTech RM7766HD baby monitor. With features like safe encryption, clever motion detection, two-way communication, and crystal-clear HD video, this cutting-edge monitor gives you peace of mind and convenience when watching your child.


Vtech RM7766HD

Crystal-Clear HD Video: The VTech RM7766HD offers high-definition video quality. With the monitor’s crystal-clear display, you can view your child with remarkable clarity, day or night, and never miss a moment.

Two-Way Talk: The VTech RM7766HD’s two-way talk feature allows you to be in constant communication with your infant. You can comfort your infant with a button press and your voice, whether you’re across town or just in the next room.

You have complete control over your baby’s perspective with the VTech RM7766HD thanks to its remote pan, tilt, and zoom features. To ensure that you can always keep an eye on your child, adjust the camera angle and zoom in for a closer look.

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Two-way Communication, Night Vision, Temperature Sensor, Video Display


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Vtech RM7766HD


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