Prestige Inspire Oven Tray 39×26.5 cm

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Prestige Inspire Oven Tray 39×26.5 cm

Presenting the Prestige Inspire Oven Tray, a gourmet need for every fan of the kitchen! With its outstanding performance and unmatched durability, this premium oven tray will take your baking and roasting adventures to new heights. Exquisitely designed and crafted, the Prestige Inspire Oven Tray is a must-have addition to any kitchen, embodying the very best in culinary perfection.

Because the Prestige Inspire Oven Tray is made of premium materials and provides uniform heat distribution, your food will always cook to perfection. Its non-stick surface provides easy food release and simplifies cleanup, saving you valuable time and energy in the kitchen.The Prestige Inspire Oven Tray was created with both elegance and practicality in mind. Its sleek, contemporary design improves the kitchen’s visual appeal. Its well-built design and ergonomic handles offer a stable and comfortable grip, allowing you to handle your culinary creations in and out of the oven with more control. This oven tray will quickly become your go-to kitchen essential, whether you use it for regular dinners or special events.

With the Prestige Inspire Oven Tray, you may indulge in the height of culinary perfection—a place where quality always takes precedence over innovation and tradition. With the Prestige Inspire Oven Tray’s reliable performance at your side, you can confidently take on new culinary challenges and let your creativity run wild.

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Product name

Prestige Inspire Oven Tray 39×26.5 cm


Dishwasher Safe, Non-stick Coating

Temperature (max)

240.0 °C


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