New Edge Blinds Thermal 120x175cm

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New Edge Blinds Thermal 120x175cm


Introducing the revolutionary solution for comfort and style in homes: the New Edge Blinds Thermal 120x175cm. These blinds are a flexible addition to any area because they are made to provide not only privacy and light control but also thermal insulation. The New Edge Blinds Thermal 120x175cm are expertly crafted, blending style and utility with a seamless finish. These blinds, measuring 120 by 175 centimeters, are designed to fit the majority of windows, offering the ideal balance of style and coverage. Whether they’re in your office, bedroom, or living area, they function well and subtly improve the atmosphere.

These blinds’ cutting-edge thermal technology guarantees efficient temperature control, keeping your room warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Bid farewell to unwelcome drafts and welcome to a more cozy setting all year long.

Not only are the New Edge Blinds Thermal 120x175cm functional, but they also have style. These blinds easily match any décor style thanks to their streamlined design and wide selection of colors. They lend an air of refinement to any space they adorn, whether it is modern and minimalist or classic and sophisticated.

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New Edge Blinds



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New Edge Blinds Thermal 120x175cm



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