Munchkin Baby Swing Bluetooth Enabled

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The Munchkin Baby Swing, Bluetooth-enabled, will enhance your baby’s calming experience. For maximum ease, control your smartphone’s swing settings and calming sounds. It’s the ideal fusion of technology and comfort for your child, with soft motion, adjustable features, and cozy seats.


Munchkin Baby Swing Bluetooth Enabled

Bluetooth Connectivity: The Munchkin Baby Swing offers unmatched ease and flexibility with its Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to control swing settings, calming sounds, and tunes directly from your smartphone or tablet.

Soothing Motion: This swing helps to soothe and relax your baby by simulating the soothing feeling of being held in your arms with its gentle swinging motion and selectable speeds.

Customizable Features: Set the ideal mood for your baby’s rest and sleep by selecting from a range of calming songs, noises, and white noise selections.

Comfortable Seating: Your baby will receive the best comfort and support possible during swing sessions thanks to the Munchkin Baby Swing’s soft seat with padded inserts.

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Baby Swings


Grey, White


59.9 cm


Electronic, Foldable, LCD Display, Music, Swing function


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