Joie Trillo

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Discover the Joie Trillo booster seat’s safety, comfort, and design. With its adjustable headrest and cutting-edge safety features, it provides your youngster with a comfortable and supportive ride. Easily assembleable, including detachable cup holders, it’s an ideal option for working parents.

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Joie Trillo

Advanced Safety: With its improved safety measures, the Joie Trillo meets the highest standards for safety. With its side-impact safety design, this booster seat offers the best possible protection for your child’s head, body, and hips in the case of an accident.

Headrest Adjustment: The Trillo’s headrest can be adjusted to match your growing child, providing a comfortable fit as they get bigger. This adjustable function ensures the best possible head and neck support, making every ride secure and comfortable.

Comfortable Padding: Your youngster will adore the Joie Trillo’s soft padding and cushioning. Even on lengthy car trips, this booster seat offers a comfortable and supportive seating experience thanks to its soft fabric and ergonomic design.




Grey, Pink, Purple, Red, Black


Washable Covering, Adjustable Head Rest, Side Impact Protection (ASIP)


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