Joie Spin 360

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With the Joie Spin 360 car seat, you may enjoy ease and comfort. With its 360-degree rotating design, enhanced rearward-facing capacity, and cutting-edge safety features, it provides your child with the utmost in safety and comfort on every trip. Select ease of use and security with the Joie Spin 360.

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Joie Spin 360

360-Degree Rotating Seat: The Spin 360’s 360-degree rotating seat makes switching between forward- and rearward-facing modes simple and straightforward. With this clever design, it’s so simple to buckle up your child and change their position in the car seat as they become bigger.

Extended Rearward-Facing: In the case of an accident, the Spin 360 offers your kid the most protection possible for their head, neck, and spine thanks to its extended rearward-facing capacity, which lasts up to 4 years old. For parents, this rearward-facing posture gives the highest level of safety and comfort.

Adjustable Headrest and Harness: The Spin 360 car seat can grow with your child thanks to its multi-height adjustable headrest and harness system. This guarantees a snug and comfortable fit throughout their entire developmental process.






Grey, Red, Black


Including Base, Newborn Seat Reducer Included, Rotatable, Side Impact Protection (ASIP)


Baby Seats


12.96 kg


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