Eufy X8 Pro SES

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Presenting the best option for simple house cleaning: the Eufy X8 Pro SES. With its strong suction and cutting-edge technology, the Eufy X8 Pro SES guarantees complete cleaning on any surface. The Eufy X8 Pro SES intelligently maps your house for effective cleaning paths thanks to Smart Dynamic Navigation 4.0. With the Eufy X8 Pro SES, your dependable partner for a sparkling home every time, bid adieu to dust and filth.


Eufy X8 Pro SES

£399.00 is the lowest price for the Eufy X8 Pro SES. Out of five stores, this is now the most affordable offer.

Just picture being able to keep your house clean without having to do any work. All you need to do is click the button, after which you can unwind and sit back. The vacuum cleaner’s battery lasts for an hour and twenty minutes, and it includes automated charging capabilities.

Complete independence
Self-sufficient charging
a decibel level of 80 for noise
The battery has a one hour and twenty-minute lifespan.
Reusable Filter
Although this robot vacuum cleaner can navigate standard doorsteps in your house, it might not be ideal for high thresholds.Hard surfaces like tile or parquet floors are ideal for this robot vacuum cleaner’s performance. Also, it can effectively vacuum carpets with short hair. A machine-washable HEPA filter built into this robot vacuum cleaner may collect pet allergy particles.

The mop feature of the Eufy X8 Pro SES will help you maintain even more cleanliness and organization in your house. With its 99 mm height, the Eufy X8 Pro SES can vacuum beneath the majority of couches and mattresses.

This is not the product for you if you enjoy vacuuming. It’s wise to conduct some study to determine which model best suits you among the maze of available options.

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Product name



Mop Function, HEPA filter, Washable Filter

Dust Bin Volume

0.33 L

Battery Life

80 min

Charging Time

180 min


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