Durable Pocketfix /DVD Large Packaging (100 Pcs)

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Durable Pocketfix /DVD Large Packaging (100 Pcs)


Presenting the incredibly strong and functional Pocketfix/DVD Large Packaging, which comes in a handy 100-piece set! The best option for keeping and protecting DVDs, CDs, and other media needs is the Pocketfix/DVD Large Packaging, which was made with the highest attention to quality and practicality.

Each unit of the Pocketfix/DVD Large Packaging is built with robust materials to ensure long-lasting security for your priceless media collection. This packaging is designed for optimum durability. You can be sure that your discs are safe and secure since its sturdy materials are made to last and are carefully chosen to endure wear and tear.

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Product name

Durable Pocketfix /DVD Large Packaging (100 Pcs)



Number of Discs

100 pcs


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