DJI Osmo Mobile SE

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Capture smooth and cinematic videos on the go with the DJI Osmo Mobile SE. This handheld smartphone gimbal features three-axis stabilization technology, creative shooting modes, and a lightweight, portable design. Elevate your mobile videography experience with ease.



DJI Osmo Mobile SE

Smooth and Stable Video: Bid farewell to unsteady videos and hello to fluid, silky video. When walking, sprinting, or filming in demanding conditions, the DJI Osmo Mobile SE’s three-axis stabilization technology efficiently reduces camera wobble and guarantees buttery-smooth motion.

Creative Control: Use a variety of innovative shooting modes and features to elevate your videos. With the help of ActiveTrack 3.0, gesture control, time-lapse, and panorama features on your smartphone, you can let your creativity run wild and create breathtaking, polished videos with a few simple touches.

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DJI Osmo Mobile SE






Black, White


Remote Control, Bluetooth, Smartphone Clamp


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