Pokemon GO Fans Think Two Powerful Steel-type Mega Debuts Are Coming Soon

Pokemon GO Fans Think Two Powerful Steel-type Mega Debuts Are Coming Soon

  • Lovers of Pokemon GO are anticipating the release of Mega Metagross or Lucario in the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Strength of Steel event in July.
  • Tynamo Community Day, GO Fest 2024, and possible Mega evolution releases are among the exciting events in July.
  • Fans conjecture that the Ultra Unlock event may hint at the arrival of Lucario and Mega Metagross.

As part of the Ultra Unlock Part 2: Strength of Steel event in July, Pokemon GO players anticipate receiving their long-awaited chance to encounter Mega Metagross or Lucario in the game. For lovers of Pokemon GO, Niantic’s programming calendar for the upcoming month appears to be jam-packed.

Pokemon GO is preparing for a busy month as the last editions of the GO Fest 2024 event are set to release. Additionally, there will be a fun Pokemon GO Community Day in July featuring Tynamo. In the midst of all of that, players believe Niantic is close to bringing one of the most wanted Mega evolutions to Pokemon GO.

An outline of July’s Pokemon GO events can be found in a recent post by g47onik on the Silph Road subreddit. Fans were quick to point out that there is an Ultra Unlock event called Strength of Steel that will take place between July 25 and July 30. The Pokemon GO Fest Global event is still by far the most profitable part of the event schedule. The community has been asking for the release of Mega Lucario or Metagross for months, and many think that this could finally lead to their arrival.

Lucario or Mega Metagross? Pokemon GO Enthusiasts Discuss Ultra Unlock Release

With the artwork and the likelihood that this is one of Niantic’s greatest chances to introduce the Pokemon, enthusiasts have strong arguments to support their conjectures. Mega Metagross appears to be a hybrid of Metagross and Metang, and the name of the inaugural Ultra Unlock event, Better Together, may indicate that. It’s also conceivable that the name is a reference to the fact that Lucario evolves with great friendliness in the other Pokemon games, such as Scarlet and Violet.

While many fans are just as thrilled about Mega Metagross, others believe Mega Lucario would be a better choice. This is due to the fact that Lucario is a Fighting/Steel-type, and the term Strength of Steel more appropriately describes it. Therefore, the word “strength” in the title may allude to Lucario’s secondary type. Some players even speculate that Niantic may be particularly kind and release both of them in July. It’s certain that the upcoming weeks will be quite exciting for Pokemon GO enthusiasts because Ultra Beast will also be making a comeback in July.

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