Pokemon GO Fans Are Unhappy Over Potential Event Spawn Change

Pokemon GO Fans Are Unhappy Over Potential Event Spawn Change

  • Fans of Pokemon GO are upset over possible modifications to event spawns, which will force users to use Incense to obtain highlighted Pokemon.
    Players are upset about Niantic’s Aquatic Paradise event because they fear that event spawning will eventually be sold for profit.
  • Event spawns’ future is uncertain to fans, who worry about growing dependent on Incense and possible price increases.

Stay informed on the latest discontent among Pokémon GO fans regarding potential changes to event spawns. Learn about community reactions and updates on the popular mobile game.

The possibility that Niantic would alter event spawns, which force users to use Incense to see more of the highlighted Pokemon during an event, has angered fans of Pokemon GO. This comes after Niantic unveiled Pokemon GO’s brand-new Aquatic Paradise event, which will allow users to access Pokemon that will be making their debut during Pokemon GO Fest 2024: New York.

Supporters of Pokemon GO have taken issue with a number of recent changes made to the game. Even though the Avatar update was a disaster, Niantic’s later updates have also not been warmly received by the community. Pokemon GO was even named the most problematic popular game by a research report, which says a lot about the problems users have been having. As fans eagerly await the arrival of one of the year’s most anticipated events, the Pokemon GO Fest, Niantic is about to implement yet another update that has disappointed a lot of people.

The possibility of Niantic making money off of event spawns is highlighted by user Entire_Pineapple4732 in a recent post on the Pokemon GO subreddit. The user draws attention to the unique benefit of the recently revealed Pokemon GO Aquatic Paradise event, which raises players’ chances of catching event Pokemon when they use Incense. This benefit is notable since Niantic is still encouraging players to use incense to increase event spawns, unlike the Ferroseed event, which was dedicated to the use of incense.

Fans of Pokemon GO Are Doubting The Future Of Event Spawns

Given that the Pokemon GO spawns have recently been under fire from the community, many are upset about this. Players have reported that the game has an unusually high frequency of Kanto spawning since the Biome update. What exacerbates the situation is that gamers wind up seeing more Kanto Pokemon than featured ones during events because this behavior also occurs during those times.

While some Pokemon GO players have pointed out that obtaining Incense isn’t all that difficult in the game, others are a little dubious about this setting a negative precedent for upcoming events. Even if many frequent players would have an abundance of incense in the game, it won’t be long until players have to spend money on incense purchases if they must start counting on it for occasions like these. In fact, a lot of people believe that Niantic will soon be raising the cost of Incense.

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