New Metal Slug Game Shadow Dropped

New Metal Slug Game Shadow Dropped

  • Fans are taken aback by Metal Slug Attack Reloaded’s surprise shadow drop across several platforms, which includes new features like a new character and story mode.
  • With new audio and enhanced hardware capabilities, the tower defense game gives the Metal Slug series a modern makeover for a more engaging gameplay experience.
  • As fans eagerly await the arrival of Metal Slug Tactics, the franchise remains current by branching out into other genres, maybe leading to a return to its original origins.

Recently, Metal Slug Attack Reloaded became available on a number of platforms. Although many fans are already aware that Metal Slug Tactics is on the way, SNK made the unexpected revelation that another Metal Slug game has arrived with little fanfare. The tower defense game was taken down in early 2023 after it was first made available on mobile devices in 2016.

Although Metal Slug’s run-and-gun gameplay is well-known to many players, the series has also made an effort to experiment with other tweaks and enhancements to its formula. The series’ signature side-scrolling shooter is broken up by Metal Slug Tactics and a Metal Slug 3D game from the mid-2000s. Nevertheless, Metal Slug Attack Reloaded, a mobile-only game, was another lesser-known chapter in the series.

Unexpectedly, Metal Slug Attack Reloaded has recently been made available digitally on a number of platforms, including the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and others. A tower defense game, the well-known mobile game is a parody of the Metal Slug series. It has all the features of the smartphone edition plus the addition of a new character named Mostro. Furthermore, it updates a few functions to make use of contemporary hardware. Among the additional features in this updated edition of the game are a gallery mode, a new story mode, and a thorough audio makeover. Expectations are high for this game because the Metal Slug series is one of the best-selling titles in the SNK collection.

Platforms That Metal Slug Attack Reloaded Is Available On Nintendo Switch
Xbox Series X/S PlayStation 5 PlayStation 4
Admittedly, another Metal Slug mobile game had also done the rounds online previously. Though it was released on fewer platforms than Attack Reloaded and the anticipated Metal Slug Tactics, Metal Slug: Awakening stuck closer to the iconic gameplay of the series. The majority of fans had anticipated that this would be the game to receive a multi-console release, but that hasn’t happened yet. However, the idea behind the franchise branching out into different game genres should aid in the characters, location, and lore’s development, opening up more potential future material.

Although it’s unclear if the series will make a comeback with a mainline entry, many fans can only hope that the release of Metal Slug Attack Reloaded will help keep the franchise in the public consciousness. One of the greatest cooperative shoot-em-up series ever made is Metal Slug, and a return to the original formula is unavoidable. Hopefully, if Metal Slug Attack Reloaded reviews are released, SNK will be able to determine whether a new mainline entry is necessary.

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