Echoes Of Wisdom Will Have Amiibo Support, Sparking Hope For New Figures

Echoes Of Wisdom Will Have Amiibo Support, Sparking Hope For New Figures

  • Some have speculated that new figures for The Legend of Zelda: Echoes of Wisdom may be coming since the game will support amiibo.
  • The next Zelda game would be the first to come out with amiibo since Tears of the Kingdom if it were to receive one.
  • Support for Amiibo may just mean that current characters will act in Echoes of Wisdom.

Nintendo threw us a curveball while we were waiting for the long-rumored remasters of well-liked Zelda titles to be shown at Tuesday’s Direct. While Twilight Princess’s ostensibly completed port is still hidden, we’re getting something even better. a whole new Zelda game. A comment on the upcoming game’s Japanese page has amiibo collectors anticipating it will receive its own figures. Echoes of Wisdom is set to release on September 26.

The amiibo logo may be seen in the upper right corner of the card located at the foot of the Echoes of Wisdom website, according to Amiibo News. Nintendo uses this to indicate which games are compatible with which amiibo figures. There was anticipation among fans that Zelda and Link would eventually become amiibo from the minute they saw their designs for Echoes of Wisdom. The sole issue is that since Tears of the Kingdom, the most recent Zelda game, more than a year ago, Nintendo hasn’t produced amiibo for a new release.

Since then, several new amiibo have been launched. Noah and Mio from Xenoblade Chronicles received their first two-pack earlier this year, and in February, Sora finished collecting all of Nintendo’s Smash Ultimate amiibo figures. There’s a belief that Sora’s figure will be the last new one released, at least until the Switch 2, but possibly never if the figures don’t follow Nintendo to the next-gen. This is because none of the other major Switch games released since Tears of the Kingdom, Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Princess Peach Showtime, and other titles have received their own amiibo.

Give me Zelda’s Echoes of Wisdom Amiibo and this adorable little link. Kindly, Nintendo

Naturally, Amiibo support does not ensure that Echoes of Wisdom will receive its own figures. It might simply indicate that you can utilize your old amiibo to earn different in-game bonuses in the new Zelda game by simply tapping them on your Joy-Con. Some ideas include specific amiibo figures that can be unlocked in the game to unlock characters from Zelda’s past, or even merely statues of those characters. In Echoes of Wisdom, Zelda will be able to call forth specific objects. For example, she might be able to call forth an in-game Mipha statue by tapping Breath of the Wild’s Mipha amiibo while playing Echoes of Wisdom.

While it’s possible that Echoes of Wisdom won’t receive its own amiibo, we do know that it will receive a special edition Switch. During Tuesday’s Direct, the Hyrule Edition Switch Lite was unveiled alongside the game. It will be available on September 26th, the same day as the game. It was unexpected for Nintendo to release a fresh Switch design at this point in the console’s existence, so it’s possible that more amiibo will be added.

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