Celesteela in Pokemon GO: Best Movesets and Strategies

Celesteela in Pokemon GO: Best Movesets and Strategies

Pokemon GO: Best Moveset for Celesteela

  • Explore the best movesets and strategies for Celesteela in Pokémon GO. Master optimal moves and tactics to maximize this powerful Ultra Beast’s potential in battles.

In Pokémon GO, trainers have the opportunity to catch a diverse array of Pokémon, each with unique characteristics and strengths. Among the most powerful are the Ultra Beasts, often only available through special events and high-level Raid Battles. As part of Pokémon GO Fest 2024, spanning June and July during the Shared Skies season, several Ultra Beasts will be available in 5-Star Raids, including Celesteela. This guide will help you maximize Celesteela’s potential in battles by detailing its best moveset and strategic uses.

Best Moveset for Celesteela in Pokémon GO

Celesteela, with its Steel and Flying dual-typing, presents a formidable force in battles. This combination makes it vulnerable to Electric and Fire-type moves but grants it advantages against Normal, Psychic, Steel, Grass, Bug, Poison, Flying, Fairy, and Ground types. Additionally, Celesteela gains power boosts when fighting in Windy and Snowy weather conditions, so be sure to use it in these environments whenever possible.

Optimal Moveset

To unleash Celesteela’s full potential, equip it with the following moves:

  • Fast Move: Air Slash
  • Charged Move: Heavy Slam

With this moveset, Celesteela can deliver an impressive 12.62 damage per second (DPS) and a total damage output of 438.7 before fainting.

Alternative Moveset Options

If the primary moveset isn’t feasible due to team composition, accessibility issues, or specific opponent matchups, consider the following secondary moveset combinations. Each option includes the DPS and total damage output for comparison.

Secondary Moveset Combinations

  1. Air Slash + Iron Head
  • DPS: 12.62
  • Total Damage: 438.7
  1. Smack Down + Heavy Slam
  • DPS: 11.85
  • Total Damage: 411.8
  1. Smack Down + Iron Head
  • DPS: 11.29
  • Total Damage: 392.4
  1. Air Slash + Body Slam
  • DPS: 10.41
  • Total Damage: 361.8
  1. Smack Down + Body Slam
  • DPS: 10.41
  • Total Damage: 361.8

Strategic Use of Celesteela in Battles

Understanding Celesteela’s Strengths and Weaknesses

Celesteela’s dual-typing makes it highly versatile in battles, providing several resistances and only a few vulnerabilities. To make the most of Celesteela:

  • Resistances: Normal, Psychic, Steel, Grass, Bug, Poison, Flying, Fairy, and Ground.
  • Weaknesses: Electric and Fire.

Weather Boosts

Celesteela’s performance improves under specific weather conditions:

  • Windy Weather: Boosts Flying-type moves like Air Slash.
  • Snowy Weather: Enhances Steel-type moves such as Heavy Slam and Iron Head.

Using Celesteela in these weather conditions can significantly increase its battle effectiveness, making it a formidable opponent.


Celesteela is a powerhouse in Pokémon GO, especially when equipped with the optimal moveset of Air Slash and Heavy Slam. Understanding its strengths, weaknesses, and the impact of weather conditions can help trainers utilize Celesteela to its fullest potential. With the provided alternative moveset options, you can tailor Celesteela’s attacks to suit various battle scenarios and team needs.


By: Comparenbuy

What is the best moveset for Celesteela in Pokémon GO?

The best moveset for Celesteela is Air Slash as the Fast Move and Heavy Slam as the Charged Move.

What are Celesteela’s strengths in battles?

Celesteela is strong against Normal, Psychic, Steel, Grass, Bug, Poison, Flying, Fairy, and Ground types. It also benefits from weather boosts in Windy and Snowy conditions.

What should I do if I can’t use the optimal moveset for Celesteela?

If the optimal moveset isn’t accessible, you can use alternative combinations such as Air Slash with Iron Head or Smack Down with Heavy Slam, considering your team’s needs and the specific opponent.

By mastering Celesteela’s movesets and strategic use in various conditions, you can make this Ultra Beast an invaluable part of your Pokémon GO team. Happy training.